Meze will be bringing in extra TVs to play the World Cup 2018! Check out our official viewing schedule and be sure to mark your calendars!


June 15th | 11AM Portugal vs Spain
June 16th | 12PM Croatia vs Nigeria
June 17th | 11AM Brazil vs Switzerland
June 18th | 11AM Tunisia vs England
June 19th | 11AM Russia vs Egypt
June 20th | 11AM Iran vs Spain
June 21st | 11AM Argentina vs Croatia
June 22nd | 11AM Serbia vs Switzerland
June 23rd | 11AM Germany vs Sweden
June 24th | 11AM Poland vs Columbia
June 25th | 11AM Iran vs Portugal
June 25th | 11AM Spain vs Morocco
June 26th | 11AM Nigeria vs Argentina
June 26th | 11AM Iceland vs Croatia
June 27th | 11AM Switzerland vs Costa Rica
June 27th | 11AM Serbia vs Brazil
June 28th | 11AM England vs Belgium
June 28th | 11AM Panama vs Tunisia
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