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Happy Hour

San Diego’s Mezé Greek Fusion Cuisine

Although its namesake may mean “small plates,” Mezé Greek Fusion delivers anything
but a small experience. The variety and versatility of the Greek islands are felt
in more than just the cuisine of Mezé – they inform the very core of what it
means to be a guest.

Tourists can enjoy the open-air sky-high ceilings of the full bar and chic
lounge. A couple out in the Gaslamp for weekend brunch can take in the city
from the sidewalk patio. A group of 120 conventioneers are limited only by their
imagination on the third floor private mezzanine and bar. Locals looking for
great late night food, drink, or hookah can rest assured knowing
that Mezé has them covered.

Vegetarian, gluten-free, and unabashed carnivore alike can comfortably sit side-by-side in one of the two private rooms and know that they are all about to have the best meal of their lives.

Brothers Raymond and Patrick Davoudi and Aleko Achitpes, are just as much a part of Mezé as the whole crew, together yelling “OPA!” as one of Mezé’s signature saganakis is lit on fire tableside. These are the owners and creators of this unparalleled Gaslamp Venue.


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